Netflix Releases July 2021: News

Masters of the Universe, Resident Evil and Fear Street. They are only three of the many franchises that Netflix adapts in the month of July. Which in turn are just the tip of the iceberg of its programming. No less than ninety-odd new series, movies, documentaries, and comedy specials are coming this month. Here you have them all.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’

The ‘Resident Evil’ video games allow us to slaughter infected as if there were no tomorrow, but if we want to find out about the extremely confusing lore of the saga, we must go to the animated filmsCryptic and insane like themselves. Netflix is ​​going to produce a few in serial format, and this is the first of them, with Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield facing a horde of dead in the White House no less.

‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

We recognize it: we are going to stop with this new series of the Masters of the Universe that continues the animated series of the eighties right where it left off and that, from what has been seen in the first trailers, is an authentic catalog of uncles and aunts with colored maces that shoot rays and brandish swords as if there were no tomorrow. Kevin Smith produces and the list of performers who provide voices is impressive. Your Grayskull power, ma’am.

All Netflix series in July

‘Young Highnesses’ (1/07) ‘Pokémon Journeys’ (1/07) ‘Generation 56K’ (1/07) ‘Tales from the Quarantine’ (1/07) ‘The Magical Book of Zero’ (1/07) ‘LA’s Finest’ (1/07) ‘Mortal’ S2 (2/07) ‘It’s mine’ (4/07) ‘We are united’ (4/07) ‘You are my spring’ (5/07) ‘Why You do not go?’ S2 (6/07) ‘In the swamp’ S2 (7/07) ‘War of neighbors’ (7/07) ‘Resident Evil: Infinite darkness’ (8/07) ‘A place to dream’ S3 (9/07 ) ‘Biohackers’ S2 (9/07) ‘Atypical’ S4 (9/07) ‘Close Enough’ (9/07) ‘Ridley Jones, the museum keeper’ (13/07) ‘An unorthodox life’ (14 / 07) ‘Never have I’ S2 (15/07) ‘Beastars’ S2 (15/07) ‘Johnny Test’ (16/07) ‘Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens’ (16/07) ‘Sexy as hell’ ( 07/21) ‘The Movies that Made Us’ S2 (07/21) ‘Playing with fire Brazil’ (07/21) ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ (07/23) ‘Red Sky’ T2 (07/23) ‘Mighty Expres’ S4 (07/27) ‘The kingpin poster: The origin’ (07/28) ‘Tattoo recycling’ (07/28) ‘Centauria’ (07/30) ‘Outer Banks’ S2 (30 / 07) ‘How to sell drugs online (at full speed)’ T3: No date yet

First-run movies on Netflix

Trilogy ‘The street of terror’

One of Netflix’s weirdest experiments in recent times is this succession of youth films (although with quite explicit violence: they have been classified “R”) of type slasher and that will be released in consecutive weeks. They adapt a series of books by RL Stine, author of ‘Nightmares’, and each installment shares protagonists and setting but takes place in a different year.

Premiere on July 2, 9 and 16

Blood red sky

German production that is pure high concept: mixes the movies of troubled mothers in an air hijack with vampire movie and people locked up with a terrible threat (in this case, two). The trailer promises action, fangs and violence, which is a frankly appetizing menu for the end of July.

All Netflix movies in July

‘Dynasty Warriors’ (1/07)’ Late Night ‘(1/07)’ Me Before You ‘(1/07)’ Wellcome to the Jungle ‘(1/07)’ Crash Pad ‘(1/07)’ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ‘(1/07)’ The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ‘(1/07)’ The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ (1/07) ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’ (1 / 07) ‘Say yes’ (1/07) Trilogy ‘The street of terror’ (2/07, 9/07, 16/07) ‘The 8th night’ (2/07) ‘The beauty and the enigma’ ( 2/07) ‘All About Nina’ (2/07) ‘Draft Day’ (2/07) ‘RattleSnake’ (2/07) ‘Malasaña 32’ (3/07) ‘The Intruder’ (3/07) ‘ Heroes in Hell ‘(4/07)’ The Book of Henry ‘(4/07)’ Igor Grom vs. Doctor Plague ‘(7/07)’ This Little Love of Mine ‘(7/07)’ That Summer ‘ (9/07) ‘How I became a superhero’ (9/07) ‘The water man’ (9/07) ‘Finding Hubby’ (9/07) ‘The classic horror story’ (14/07) ‘The manual of the perfect family ‘(07/14)’ The last of his shoe ‘(07/15)’ My friend Amanda ‘(07/15)’ Insomne ​​'(07/16)’ Deep ‘(07/16)’ Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans ‘(07/21)’ Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop ‘(07/22)’ The Last Love Letter ‘(07/23)’ Kingdom: Ashin’s Story ‘(07/23)’ Blood Red Sky ‘(07/23)’ A Second Chance – Rivals’ (07/23) ‘Anchored’ (07/23) ‘Bartkowiak’ (07/28) ‘You can’t run from love’ (07/29) ‘The last mercenary’ (07/30)

'Disomnia': Netflix presents the end of the world with ultra-fast camera in a remarkable piece of science fiction

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘Crazy about cats’

Screenshot 2021 06 25 To S 18 42 21Screenshot 2021 06 25 To S 18 42 21

It seems like Netflix has a good stock of cat documentaries to release every month and we have a total of zero issues with that. This month cat programming takes on series format and we will meet some owners of felines devoted to cat culture: from community managers of feline Instagram accounts to shelter employees who rescue them from the streets.

All Netflix Documentaries and Comedy Specials for July

‘Audible’ (1/07) ‘Canine friends’ S2 (1/07) ‘Fellini: I’m a clown’ (1/07) ‘Fastest’ (1/07) ‘Trunk goes!’ (2/07) ‘Nureyev’ (2/07) ‘Crazy about cats’ (7/07) ‘Elize Matsunaga: Once upon a time there was a crime’ (8/07) ‘How they became tyrants’ (9/07 ) ‘Lee Su-guen: The Sense Coach’ (9/07) ‘Naomi Osaka’ (13/07) ‘Masterful robberies’ (14/07) ‘Private network, who killed Manuel Buendía?’ (07/14) ‘Emicida: AmarElo – Live in São Paulo’ (07/15) ‘In a few words’ T3 (07/16)

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