One of the greatest consequences of the pandemic of coronavirus in Europe it is the significant increase in internet traffic due to the huge number of people who are in quarantine, kept at home.

The European Union has asked Netflix already Youtube that reduce the quality of reproduction of their services to avoid a possible collapse of the internet on the continent.

Netflix has responded a few hours later announcing that they will reduce the quality of the reproduction of their entire catalog in Europe by 25% for 30 days. “We believe that this measure will maintain good service for all of our clients,” said the company.

The resolution is not low, but the bitrate — the bit rate or data that is processed by certain time ranges. In the case of streaming video, the more information is transmitted, the higher the image quality, noting in the sharpness, color definition and the absence of compression artifacts.

A few hours ago, Thierry Breton, one of the European commissioners in charge of digital policies, explained that European telecommunication platforms and companies “have the joint responsibility of take the measures that ensure the proper functioning of the internet

Furthermore, in a joint statement between the European Union and Netflix, Breton stated: “I appreciate the quick action that Netflix has taken to preserve the proper functioning of the Internet during the COVID-19 crisis, while maintaining a good experience for users. Mr. Hastings has shown a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity. We will keep in close contact to follow the evolution of the situation together. “

Netflix has reiterated that although the measures will reduce the traffic of its service by 25%, they will guarantee a good quality service for all subscribers.

According to a report by SandvineNetflix is ​​responsible for 15% of total traffic worldwide, followed by YouTube which represents 11.4%. Video represents 58% of all internet traffic.

65% of the total traffic from mobile devices corresponds to video download, especially from streaming platforms.

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