The new coronavirus has quarantined the world, either compulsory or voluntary, and millions of people around the world are turning to Netflix in outrageous ways, but unfortunately, it seems that all traffic seems to be starting to affect the platform.

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According to the DownDetector site, a site that allows to see the falls of various platforms in the world, shows that Netflix presents problems, mainly in the United States and of course, in western Europe and the disruption does not stop expanding. India also presents some problems.

(Photo: DownDetector)

Many users who complain about these outages reported seeing error messages saying “NSES-500 error”, which generally points to a problem with network connectivity.

In response to a customer tweet about the outages, the Netflix customer service team said: “Currently we are investigating this situation and working to find a solution

Netflix recently announced that it would reduce its transmission rates across Europe, as many people will be limited to their homes and use the service simultaneously.