Netflix prepares ‘Wednesday’, a spin-off series of ‘The Addams Family’ centered on this character

Netflix has a new project on its hands. The US platform has just released this Wednesday, February 17, one of its next series, which will receive the name of ‘Wednesday’ (‘Wednesday’ in its original language), and it is, neither more nor less, than a spin-off of ‘The Addams family’ focused on the homonymous character.

‘Wednesday’ poster

This new project was announced last October, although at that time the information was only given that it was a reboot in the form of television of this peculiar family, and that it would be Tim Burton who would be behind the project, as it still is now, that the fiction has been acquired by the company directed by Reed Hastings.

This is the new series

This new series, which will have a first season consisting of eight episodes, will be based on the character originally created by Charles Addams in his years as a student at the « Never Again Academy ». The young woman tries to master her emerging psychic ability as she tries to thwart a monstrous murder spree that has landed on the town., as well as solving the supernatural mystery that involved his parents 25 years ago. He will do all of this while trying to bring to fruition the convoluted relationships he has at the academy.

Although this character has had a multitude of actresses who have lent him their face or voice -in the case of the animated versions- throughout all the adaptations in film, television and theater, If there is a more characteristic actress in this character, it is Christina Ricci, who gave her life in the series of films released from 1991 to 1993. Despite this, the actress will not be able to resume this role due to her age, since the new character is in the adolescent stage, so the interpreter who will bring him to life in this new version is still a mystery.