Netflix prepares a live-action Pokémon series

The Pokemon will return to live action with a series of Netflix created by the ‘Lucifer’ showrunner, Joe henderson. Catch up: The best series of 2021. The best Netflix anime movies. The best Netflix action movies.

Since it doesn’t look like ‘Detective Pikachu’ is going to become a long-running franchise, Netflix is ​​willing to try its own version: the streaming platform prepares a live action series of Pokémon Based on the iconic anime and video game series. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the project will be headed by Joe henderson, ‘Lucifer’ showrunner, who has already started the first meetings with the scriptwriters to define the story and the characters. And also which Pokémon will be in the front row.

The truth is that the series is in a very early phase, and it is still unknown where the focus of the story will point. Knowing that it will be in live action, we can expect something similar to the movie of Rob letterman from 2019, where Pikachu became a very insightful detective to help the young protagonist (Justice smith) to find his missing father. The movie raised $ 436 million worldwide and became the highest grossing video game-based film ever. Still, a sequel has been ruled out.

The truth is that mixing flesh and blood actors with Pokémon built with very realistic special effects (and a lot of hair!) Can result in many formats and types of stories that allow keep expanding Pokémon in Hollywood. And now, in ‘streaming’. We will have to wait for Netflix to give the series the green light to know more details.

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