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The dance of 41 is on Netflix’s list of trends after a day of its premiere on the platform and this curiosity comes from the history of the film that is based on real events.

The meeting took place on November 18, 1901 in a residence in Mexico City, Calle La Paz number 4, today Ezequiel Montes, which ended due to the police intervention and, it was rumored, one of the attendees was eliminated from the list of detained, the son-in-law of President Porfirio Diaz.

Chronicle of a clandestine dance by Mílada Bazant, a researcher at El Colegio Mexiquense, brings together the publications made in November 1901, which were used for the film that did not leave fiction aside.

Those attending the dance “wore wigs, fake breasts, earrings, embroidered corn and large dark circles and colored badges were painted on their faces,” the newspaper El Popular published on November 20.

According to the media that year, the party was organized with a raffle of a man as the main attraction.

The author of the investigation relates that a woman was at the party, she was in charge of serving the food, attending to the musicians and guarding the street to prevent the entry of strangers or gendarmes. But he failed in his task, the gendarmes entered the party.

The media did not ignore the incident and published chronicles, notes and even cartoons about the men dressed as women. José Guadalupe Posadas immortalized the party in his engraving published in La gacetilla callejera.

“A few days ago, in the street of La Paz, the gendarmes glimpsed a great singular dance, 41 lizards in disguise, half nice girls who danced with the most, and the other half in suits, that is to say, male, they enjoyed the shake the famous boys ”, is part of the text that accompanies Posadas’s drawing.

About the attendees there was only a list of detainees, 41 people and according to the researcher from the Colegio Mexiquense, nowhere did the name of Ignacio de la Torre, Porfirio Díaz’s son-in-law, or another memorable character appear, although it is said that the attendees they were from the Porfirian upper class. So it is said that the names were made up.

Although they did not commit any crime, the detainees, as punishment for their immoral actions, were sent to Battalion 24 where they were shaved off and recruited to Yucatán. But only 12 of the 41 men on the list were punished.

Another author who wrote about Los 41 was Carlos Monsiváis, in Letras Libres, where he rescued that the detainees alleged that there were 42 people at the party, but one fled with the support of the gendarmes.

“The one who disappears from the list, buys his freedom at the price of gold and flees across the rooftops, is Don Ignacio de la Torre, married to the daughter of Porfirio Díaz. More than any other fact, what distinguishes the Raid is the presence, certified by mass gossip, of the Nation’s First Son-in-Law, ”he wrote.

Thus, for a long time in Mexican society the number 41 was associated with homosexuality, because of the dance and because it was a meeting of high society.

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