All kinds of streaming ads happened today, one of the industries whose growth projection doesn’t disappoint.

The generation of original content and the purchase of licenses are the pillars of streaming.

Producing original content has become a unique opportunity for many brands.

This day there have been various news around the streaming industry and go that reveal the competition that is around to distribute digital content.

Netflix has established a high value standard in this industry and it is the one that has to do with the generation of original content, becoming one of the largest producers of this offer to which traditional media such as television networks have had to adapt, bringing the entire catalog of its contents to streaming or making unique strategies, such as the premiere of movies through this medium.

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of in the midst of these changes is the one that has to do with the way in which media brands have begun to generate increasingly outstanding actions to attract audiences.

Netflix loses a very good chip

In the midst of the wide offer that is happening in the streaming market, we see a series of changes, which undoubtedly increasingly determine the value that brands find, at a time when interaction with audiences becomes key.

To achieve interaction with audiences there are two strategies, that of generating original content or that of contracting licenses so that in a kind of nostalgia the audience that became a fan of these contents is attracted.

Netflix has lost to Amazon the opportunity to include Malcom the middle one in its catalog and in its place has released the trailer for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.