Netflix optimizes offline browsing function on its platform

The streaming platform added a new feature in the Downloads section.

From the Netflix application on cell phones, the user has the possibility of downloading the content and then enjoying it without the need for an internet connection at another time.

This function is very useful at times where you have a limited Wi-Fi Internet connection, and you want to enjoy the content at another time when it is connected only to the data of your local network.

Thanks to the success of this function, the streaming company decided to expand the download functions within its platform and announced a new option for Android and iOS devices.

Downloads For You

The new function consists in that the platform chooses the contents that may interest you to download them automatically and that they are available in case you want to see them ‘offline’.

« If you love comedies, but have a long car trip, or if you don’t want to miss the latest romantic movie, but you don’t have an internet connection, we help you to always have something new waiting for you, » says a statement.

Control over how much is downloaded to your device is all yours. You just have to follow these two steps to configure the function:

In the Downloads tab, with your mobile device, activate the Downloads option for you.

« Choose the amount of content you want to be downloaded to your device (1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB) and click on Activate. The more space you allocate, the more recommendations Netflix will download for you, » adds the American company.