Netflix movies to celebrate LGBTQ + month

June came to celebrate LGBTQ + inclusion, representativeness, and visibility. To remember the importance of community in the film world. Also the perfect opportunity to delve into a new look at sexual orientation or gender identity thanks to Netflix movies.

For a whole new generation of community members it is a unique opportunity to recognize their value in Massive media. To offer a reflection on the way in which our time analyzes difference and diversity. So June is a month for the benefit of the LGBTQ + community.

As always, cinema is part of a much deeper dialogue on major social and cultural issues. And as regards the LGBTQ + community is no exception. We leave you a collection of 10 queer-themed Netflix movies (and series) that you can enjoy right now:

Netflix movies to celebrate Pride month

Roberto Gordo Sáez (Wikimedia)


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Do you need to understand the lives of trans people more broadly and deeply? This is the ideal opportunity to do so. It is an intelligent, sensitive and humane journey through the reflection of how gender identity is perceived in our time.

The documentary, which covers several important points about the trans community that are usually unknown, is a plot gem. Feder’s attentive gaze travels through the lives of his protagonists, and he meditates on each of them in depth. Sensitive, but above all honest, Disclosure opens spaces for a discussion of considerable interest on the evolution of the concept of contemporary gender.

‘The boys in the band’

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The play on which the film is based was one of the Off Broadway hits of the 1980s.

The original cast adapted the story for television and captures the best of the source material. In particular, the transition towards the invisibility of men and women of the LGBTQ + community during a troubled decade.

‘A Secret Love’

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Are you in a romantic mood? This is the ideal movie for you, in any month and at any time of the year. The documentary, which chronicles the long relationship between Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, is an ode to tenderness.

During the month of Pride the LGBTQ + community is of total relevance and a moving look at love and its transformative capacity.

‘Half conquest’

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This modern take on Cyrano de Bergerac is just an adorable glimpse of first love, and first questions about sexuality. Directed and starring the very young Alice Wu, it is also a journey through the great issues of adolescence.

Especially in our time, when the early years of adulthood are full of questions and queries about identity.

Netflix movies in LGBTQ documentary format

‘Circus of Books’

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This adorable documentary tells the story of how a West Hollywood bookstore became the largest American distributor of gay pornography in less than a decade. Does it sound strange and scandalous to you? And what do you think if we tell you that it was also run by a middle-aged couple? Or that their daughter is the producer and director of the documentary?

During the eighties, Circus of Book became the epicenter of a considerable change in the way of understanding the LGBTQ + community. But also in a fundamental journey to understand the evolution in the perception of sexual orientation in a conservative country.

‘Other People’

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Family relationships for members of the LGBTQ + community are often complicated and in the midst of a constant debate about acceptance.

Kelly’s Netflix film tackles the topic with an outspoken sense of humor, as well as a poignant look at love.

‘The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson’

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The woman on whom the Stonewall myth is founded is surrounded by controversy after her tragic death. This careful documentary in the form of Netflix movies explores Johnson’s alleged betrayal of the ideal of the LGBTQ + community, and also disproves it.

A painful and uplifting journey through a tragic life from a point of view that gives it the necessary historical relevance.

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