Mexico City.- Netflix premiere Z control, mexican series of mystery and intrigue, which will hook the viewer, says the actress Ana Valeria Becerril.

Again it is the youngest who star in this series, a trend increasingly in vogue in streaming.

Control Z relates stories from a student community:

After a hacker begins to reveal the students’ most intimate secrets to the entire school, the social order at El Colegio Nacional is upside down.

Popular youth are beaten, outcasts earn status, and all are suspects. Sofia, a know-it-all and social outcast girl with a talent for deduction, starts a race against the clock to stop the hacker before more secrets are discovered.

Along the way, you will learn to make friends, show empathy for others, and might even fall in love.

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From the beginning there is too much information and the viewer will have to discover together with the protagonists who the hacker is.

This is what its protagonists say about Control Z:

Ana Valeria Becerril (April’s daughters)

“Sofía (her character) is a very complex girl, so interesting and so intelligent despite being a social misfit. She has decided to stay out of the rest, and it seems to me that her case is something that has not really been explored in this kind of youth proposals. ”

Mauro Sánchez Navarro (This is not Berlin)

“Entertainment is what is saving us all from insanity. It is an entertaining product, a fun product, with which people will have something new to see, to overcome a little of what we are experiencing ”.

Marco Zunino (We are not alone)
“Control Z has the plot of a novel, but the agility and the text of a series, which connects a lot with this audience and now we are going to be able to see what the point of adolescents is. Especially for adults, this topic of hacking will be different and that the secrets of boys are exposed in a certain way, but it is a topic that has been going on for a long time. ”