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It was in England that a couple decided put the name Lucifer (like the one from the Netflix series) which by the way is not so common to listen to, however apparently they had some problems doing it.

Because the offices were closed as in any part of the world, it was not until a few days ago that they were opened, however the parents they got a surprise.

Dan and Mandy Sheldon are the parents of the little one Lucifer, and although for Morningstar fans of the Netflix series they will immediately believe that it was in his honor that they gave him that name they are very wrong.

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Although it could be very obvious from the series, baby parents They did not decide this name for Tom Ellis but rather for the meaning that it has.

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Lucifer means « Carrier and light » and « Morning », According to the Telemundo portal, however, when they appeared at the civil registry, the person who attended them treated them in a bad way, according to what they said for the day The Sun that the employee decided run them from the place.

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« He told us that it was illegal to name a child like that in New Zealand and that we could perhaps name it differently, but refer to him as Lucifer at home … We were stunned by his behavior, » Dan said.

Although for the couple the name they chose for their little one It is original and above all witty the words that the civil registry employee They were not so much because apparently they affirm that he commented that in the future nobody would want to give him a job or even give him classes.

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How was it obvious the Shelton family He complained about the mistreatment of the employee and the department had no choice but to apologize and affirm that the workers of the civil registration their job is also to advise people.

This is not the first time that this name has caused controversy, the same happened almost five years ago in Argentina as mentioned in the Telenueve video.

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