Netflix Launches Warrior Nun Series and Trend Through Action Scenes | Instagram

If you like action series and a little fancy for sure Warrior Nun You will love it, because Netflix bet on this new drama, action and fantasy.

If you have finished watching the series that everyone was talking about until recently, you will love to know that the streaming platform launched a new proposal that has caught everyone’s attention.

The series is based on the comic « Warrior Nun Areala » Ben Dunn has ten chapters that will catch you from the start.

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The protagonists of the series are: Alba Baptista, Toya Turner and Lorena Andrea, Tristán Ulloa and Thekla Reuten.

The series was created by: Simon Barry, so far it only presents one season but they will surely launch a second one because apparently it has had quite a lot of public acceptance.

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« An orphan teenager wakes up in a morgue and discovers that a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns has given her superpowers and chosen her to carry the Halo, » Netflix synopsis.

A little more of the details about the series (spoiler care) It is about a secret sect even for the church of nuns who are warriors and are dedicated to hunting the demons that come from hell, these who are anchored to this world therefore, they must destroy them so that they do not harm the people they possess.

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These warriors are guided by one of them who is a carrier of the « Halo » on his back however they are surprised that his « new leader » She is a young woman who has no training Ava, by fate orange blossoms she ended up with the Halo on her back and now she has to lead the team (not all are nuns), but first you need to train and start believing.

Whoever is worthy to wear the Halo will be able to see each of the demons with their own eyes, in addition to having powers and greater strength than the average human.

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In the series the church is involved, the settings in which it takes place are impressive, the original language is English but there are also A lot of spanish in the series as much of the scenes were filmed in Spain.

We invite you to meet this new Netflix proposal, it will surely be very entertaining and you will enjoy the action scenes a lot.

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