Netflix released this Monday the trailer for the documentary « Mucho Mucho Amor », which details the life of the famous Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado (1932-2019).

The documentary, directed by Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch, will be released on July 8 on said « streaming » platform.

Renowned figures appear in the film project, such as the Puerto Rican playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos, Cristina Saralegui, Howard Stern and Raúl de Molina.

Mercado achieved international fame thanks to his particular style in making predictions about the future.

The documentary also shows Mercado during his career as a dancer and actor, until his jump to stardom..

Filming for the documentary ended the day before his death, at age 87, on November 2, 2019.

The documentary was officially released on January 24 at the Sundance festival in Park City (Utah, USA).

« Believe or not believe in horoscopes and astrology, it touches your heart with its message of love and peace. And he also had a mischievous sense of humor like no other, » Tabsch told Efe on the red carpet of the documentary.

With a very ceremonious and bombastic style, but also tremendously affectionate with his followers, Mercado jumped from his native Puerto Rico to the US, where he swept the Latino public with his horoscope predictions and spiritual guidance advice.

« Being Latino and raised in the US, Walter was a daily presence in our home, » said Tabsch.

« Mucho mucho amor » not only focuses on the brightest and happiest aspects of Mercado’s biography.

He addresses the scam he suffered from one of his representatives, which almost left him broke; And it also reflects his uncomplicated way of seeing sexuality in a very homophobic and macho environment (he never revealed his orientation).

« I think Walter was light years from his time, » said Costantini.