Mexico.- Zion Morenor is an actress with a promising career, since she has managed to position herself in important roles as Isabela, one of the main characters in the series ‘Control Z’, which opens tomorrow in Netflix.
In a telephone interview with A.M, the actress, who also participates in the world projection series ‘Gossip Girl’, spoke about this and other projects.

It was the experience of my life, because it was my second project, I am excited because I had never traveled to Mexico City, I fell in love with the city and it was a challenge, because I am not used to speaking in Spanish, but now I speak it better than Before, I am learning more, but I loved the story. My colleagues and I became family, “he said.

“Control Z” focuses on a hacker and the uncovering that makes the most intimate secrets of the students of the National College. The social order is upside down, as the popular ones are beaten, the marginalized gain status and they are all suspects.
In the series, Zion She is the ‘Queen Bee’ at school, everything changes when it is revealed that the girl is actually a trans woman.

I used many of my experiences as a teenager, I think many of us can identify ourselves in this, that we are beaten, but she faces something different, different, I made her more vulnerable, human, more credible, “he explained.

For Zion Moreno, Mexicans are in a good moment as series producers for Latin America.

I am very excited that a Mexican production is working with Netflix, the rest of the world will be able to see the talent that there is in Mexico, I do not know, I think that as the rest of the world has advanced a lot over time, I am proud of all the projects that come in series, cinema and television ”.

Along with the premiere of “Control Z”, the actress will be in “Gossip Girl”, a series produced by HBO max, in addition to “Class” by TNT and “K-12”, the musical film by Melanie Martínez which was acclaimed by criticism.

Expect change for coronavirus

After the contingency for the coronavirus passes, Zion He thinks that the industry will undoubtedly change, but he hopes that a better stage will come, all to the benefit of the public that consumes the content.

We are going to change how we see each other, how we behave, I think the productions are going to be smaller, because that is how the situation is going to have to be, we are going to have closer relationships with people on set. I also think that there are going to be able to do many more parenting, more real projects, because that’s the way the world is now, ”said the actress.

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