Netflix, Jurassic World Cretaceous Camp has a release date | Courtesy

The Netflix platform shared the release date of its new series Jurassic World Cretaceous Camp.

If you are a fan of the movies of Jurassic Park you can entertain yourself in eight episodes of 22 minutes each, watching the animations created by the animation studio DreamWorks Animation.

The production companies that are presenting this magnificent and intrepid series are: Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

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It will be from the day September 18 which will be available in the catalog of the streaming platform, you will be able to discover the other side of the island at the same time as the characters.

It is important that you know some details about the series, this is a parallel story to the box office success « Jurassic World: Jurassic World » I mean they don’t cross.

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First images of the series | Courtesy

« Jurassic World Cretaceous Camp » follow a group of six teenagers participating in an adventure camp on the other side of the Cloud Island.

Learn more about the series here:

As the events of the film unfold and the dinosaurss of the island are beyond control, each person in the group discovers that their life depends on what they and their companions can do.

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Enjoy the intense chapters you will see | Courtesy

These strangers, cut off from the outside world, must become friends, and then family, as they unite to protect yourself from dinosaurs and reveal secrets so dark that they could affect the entire world.

It is evident that this new project is created so that minors can enjoy it, so it is possible that lives will not be lost as in the projects of the movies because even though they caught their attention they could not enjoy watching the films because we always found some terror and s @ ngre.

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex could not miss in the series | Courtesy

After the trailer was released, some users have celebrated the fact that they think of children so that they can enjoy this type of series that although they are not fully educational You will be able to appreciate and know what dinosaurs are and give shape to those toy figures that many children and adolescents fascinate.

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Surely each and every one of the characters will captivate you | Courtesy