Often happens. When a high-impact event occurs, some – though few – try to capitalize on the situation. It is the case of a new scam through the networks, like so many others that are happening these difficult days. This new hoax would be offering Netflix accounts, taking advantage of the situation in which half the world is, to obtain the bank details of their victims through messages and announcements on social networks.

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic worldwide, @netflix is ​​giving free passes to its platform during the isolation period. Run on site because it will finish fast!

Needless to say, it has to Netflix is ​​not offering free accounts to new or old users. The company has had to issue a statement by which it warns of the falsehood of the announcement and, he adds, that it will only be free the first month for those who have never had an account. The rest of users will pay their normal fee, regardless of the current crisis.

The objective, through a phishing scam, was to attract the attention of their victims to enter a link – claiming, furthermore, that it was an offer with a short life span. Why Netflix? With most of society in a large number of countries confined to their homes as a result of the coronavirus health crisis, streaming services are now a necessary escape route.

It is not the first time that the Netflix image has been used as a central resource to mount a scam against potential users. As early as 2017, a network of messages through WhatsApp offering a free year on the platform had the same objective of obtaining the bank details of the victims. And so on until 2019. The last one involved the theft of identities from Netflix users to steal their bank accounts.

Such is the success of Netflix, along with HBO, Apple TV + YouTube or even the recently released Disney Plus, during these days due to the confinements that, following a request from Europe, all platforms have lowered their quality of reproduction of contents so as not to saturate the networks more than necessary. And not only in Europe: Mexico and Argentina have also had their reproduction quality decrease.

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