Netflix increases its prices in the middle of a pandemic and criticism erupts. | Netflix Special

Netflix increases its prices in the midst of a pandemic and criticism erupts, Because the digital platform has been a key tool in thousands of homes to cope with the pandemic, now some have considered the suspension of service.

And is that Netflix has had a special place in Mexican homes, the audience has been so loyal that they have even created special campaigns for several of their original series with personalities of the stature of Itatí Cantoral. The measure is foreign to the platform, as it is derived from new legislation.

It was at the end of 2020 when the Mexican government announced a cost increase in various digital services such as Netflix, Uber and more, because such services will be incorporated into VAT. So far the other digital service platforms have not announced their new rates, only this entertainment platform.

It was a few minutes ago when all mexican users They began to observe a black screen with a legend where the price increase of Netflix, measure that will be valid from June 1.

The new prices of Netflix, a blow to the pocket of Mexicans

Representatives of Netflix They indicated to the media that users had already begun to be notified of the adjustment in all their service packages, despite seeking to reduce the impact on the basic plan. All users will be able to see this increase as a separate concept in the invoice of Netflix starting next month.

The new Netflix rates in Mexico from June 1, 2020 will be:

The basic plan will go from 129 to 139 pesos.
 The standard plan will go from 169 pesos to 196 pesos.
 The premium plan will be from 229 to 266 pesos.

Following the news, several users have expressed their annoyance at social networks, indicating that the announcement occurs at the worst time when due to the pandemic, several households have observed a great loss of resources.

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