Netflix increases demand for the platform to 16 million subscriptions | Instagram

The Netflix platform picked up almost 16 million subscribers global during the first three months of the year, so it continues to lead other digital platforms.

This has helped to consolidate its status as one of the most essential services in the world in times of isolation or crisis.

The quarter covered the beginning of the orders of staying at home in the United States of America and around the world.

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Which has been a response to the pandemic of coronavirus that apparently led millions to join Netflix for entertainment and comfort when most just had to be at home and with nothing more to do than showcase series, movies and documentaries was at their fingertips.

Netflix more than doubled the quarterly growth that he predicted in January, since last year in November it was known about the happy virus.

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Long before the outbreak of COVID-19 It began to close many important economies because it was not believed that it would reach so many countries, however it was. This was the biggest gain of three months in the 13 years. of history of the Netflix streaming service.

Numbers were published on Tuesday as part of the report of first quarter earnings Netflix support the growing belief that streaming video is likely to prosper even when the overall economy of United States sink in its first recession in more than a decade.

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“Our small contribution to these difficult times is to make house confinement a little more bearable,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said as he spoke to investors during a video call from a room.

Investor optimism about Netflix’s prospects fueled company shares to new highs recently, a stark contrast to the decline in the overall market.

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