With the kids at home due to confinement to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, Netflix has decided to take to the next level his Parental control so that parents are more calm about the content that their children can access on the streaming platform. This update comes with several changes, but the possibility of being able to hide movies and complete series stands out.

Here we leave you with everything you can do with the improved parental control of Netflix:

Create a child profile

Access your Manage Profiles page (click “More” on the mobile app or select the drop-down menu in the browser).
Select Add profile.
Give the profile a name.
If you want to use the Children experience for children under 13, select Children.
Select Continue
The new profile will appear in the profile list of your account.

Create a child profile on Netflix.

Lock or unlock profiles

Access your Account page (Netflix.com/account) in a web browser.
In the “Settings” section, open the Parental control option of the profile you want to block.
Change the Profile Lock setting.
Enter your Netflix account password on the screen.
Check the Request a PIN box to access the selected profile. If you don’t want a PIN requested, uncheck the box.
Enter four digits in the PIN field. This will be your Profile Lock PIN. If you do not want minors to be able to add viewing profiles to your account without entering a PIN, select Request PIN to add new profiles.
Select Submit.

From now on, you will have to enter this Profile Lock PIN when you want to access the blocked profile or play a title that has been downloaded in that profile. If you want a PIN to be required to create new profiles in your account, select Request PIN from [nombre del perfil principal] to add new profiles in the Profile lock setting of the main profile.

Block a profile on Netflix.

Have maximum control in the profile center

In the profile center, you can access and configure the contents, configure the playback and consult the viewing history of each profile.

Age rating: allows you to ensure that only the content for the selected age rating is visible. You can also prevent the reproduction of certain titles in the profile.
Autoplay controls: allow you to limit the content that is automatically reproduced.
Viewing activity: shows you all the titles that have been played in a children’s profile and when they were viewed.

Netflix viewing restriction.

Turn auto play on and off

Access your Account page (Netflix.com/account) in a web browser.
In the “Settings” section, open the Parental control option for the profile for which you want to enable / disable automatic playback.
Change your Playback Settings.
Check or uncheck the option to Automatically play the next episode in the series on all devices.
Select Save. If the “Automatically play next episode” setting is enabled, the next episode in the series will automatically play. If you want to reactivate automatic playback, just activate this setting of the profile in question

Automatic start on Netflx.

Access the history of a child profile

Access your page You have a web browser.
In the “Settings” section, open the Parental control option for the profile you want to manage.
Open the Viewing Activity. You can find out which series and movies the minors of the house have seen if they have their own profiles within your account. On that page you will see all the titles that have been viewed in that profile and when it has been. If the list is incomplete, you can load more titles with the button “Show more”.

Viewing activity on Netflix.