Netflix gets the FBI to reopen previously forgotten cases | INSTAGRAM

Thanks to the premiere of its series « Unsolved Mysteries », the FBI motivated itself to reopen cases that had already been given up as lost.

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The documentary series that everyone talks about, which is currently broadcast on the platform’s content service, has managed to reopen one of those never-solved cases, dating from 2004, by the FBI in the United States.

The reboot of Unsolved Mysteries has been released, the series showed numerous cases that have not been solved, and, repeating what happened in its first release in the 1980s, they presented all kinds of cases that caught the attention of the audience and of people who had testimonies and cases that even went supernatural.

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The first time this program aired on television was in the 1980s, through the NBC channel, it featured mysterious cases and unsolved crimes that still had no logical answer.

The popularity of this series has been so great that even the production of a second season has already been confirmed, the real surprise came when the FBI announced that it has reopened a case that was closed.

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This case belongs to episode 4 where the story of Alonzo Brooks is told, a 23-year-old man who disappeared after attending a party, his c @ dáver was found until a month later, and until now it is not known with certainty what it was what happened to this young man.

Likewise, the reopening of this mysterious unsolved case has been due to the large number of testimonies on these types of issues that remain unsolved, along with a host of comments that have begun to be given about it.

And thanks to the broadcast of his case and the avalanche of clues that have been collected by citizens after it appeared on the screen, apparently since the premiere, several calls have been received from people with credible data. When this occurs, the information is passed on to the appropriate authorities and this is just what has been done in relation to the Brooks Assassination.

It is expected that, after this weekend, in which more people are hooked on the documentary series, more information will be received that could help contrast the data already collected and that have caused something unexpected: the reopening of the case.