Netflix: Dangerous Lies takes first place from Extraction | Instagram

The movie Dangerous Lies which has been released recently is for take away the first place of views of the action movie Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth on the Netflix platform.

Just a few weeks ago he released Extraction, which has been named as one of the most viewed premiere movies of the platform until today, because it seems that this new movie is about to take that title away.

Dangerous Lies is a suspense thriller which was directed by Michael Scott and starred by the American actress Camila Mendes and Jessie T. Usher.

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It tells the story of a caretaker who inherits unexpectedly the great fortune from one of an old man who cared and end up moving to his mansion where they discover great mysteries.

Today, Extraction moves to second place from the top of the platform in the United States and Mexico after the arrival of this exciting film.

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The protagonist of the series Riverdale during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter He talked about Dangerous Lies and having participated in it.

According to Camila, this movie is enough entertaining as to keep the public enjoying company inside their houses.

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It’s something you can watch with your family or partner, so it really fits on a streaming platform because it’s the kind of movie you want to get on the couch and snuggle under a blanket and watch because it’s a fun, suspenseful thriller. ” he commented.

The film has given much to talk about on social networks since its premiere and while some claim that it is the worst movie that they have seen and do not patch at all, others comment that it is really entertaining to have a good time.

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So as expected, this new movie has divided its audience, between good and bad comments, so it is better to take a look for yourself and say how good it is.