Netflix Could Remake The Chronicles of Narnia | .

It would be kind of awesome to hear back about The Chronicles of Narnia, recently news incidents that Netflix.

The platform is said to be planning to launch up to nine movies and series related to books and possibly in past movies.

Netflix’s goal is restart with the saga because at the time it caused a furor among its fans and the films that were released were a success.

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According to the portal “Under the Word”, the straming service is that it was already adapting the books of The Chronicles of Narnia to work on various projects over the next few years.

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“The Chronicles of Narnia” is a series of books by the famous author CS Lewis that were published in the 1950s, with a fantasy theme the story transports us to the fictional kingdom of Narnia and in total, seven books of history were published “

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Over the years adaptations of these books have been made, the most recognized being the films that were released long ago by Walt Disney and Walden Media There were a total of three: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe was the first to be launched in 2005, followed by Prince Caspian in 2008 and then the Voyage of the Dawn journey in 2010.

Later another film was released that was distributed under the Disney company with the third film distributed by 20th Century Fox.

A fourth film was being planned, but it is believed that it has been included in the first Netflix film who since 2018 has the rights to the franchise.

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They’ll probably launch a series first to dig a little deeper into what their story is than actually it’s a little bit wide.

Although it is a quite ambitious project It may not be the only one that the platform plans to launch in the future, however due to the current pandemic all plans are still until further notice.

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