Netflix could release a movie for the end of the Stranger Things series | INSTAGRAM

The famous Netflix series, Stranger Things is a phenomenon on the internet, as it has been one of the most watched series of all time and worldwide.

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Like all good things this too will come to an end and is closer than you expect. The rumors are louder than ever and the streaming platform could be preparing a movie about the series and everything to work as its ending.

All this was generated with information from the source of « We got this covered », who also reveal information about a prequel to The Witcher which is already confirmed and a sequel for extraction.

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With this, Netflix could be willing to end the Stranger Things series with a high-budget movie which would tie up the dozens of loose ends of the plot.

However, there is still nothing confirmed and this information could be contradicted by some statements made by David Harbor, who plays Hopper in fiction, as the actor revealed that there will be a fifth season.

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At the moment everything is up in the air and the only certainty is that Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb Mclaughlin and Noah Schnapp will once again be at the forefront of the series as the inseparable group of friends that they are.

The production of the fourth season is still on hold all thanks to the situation that is being experienced in the world, due to the terrible virus that has caused everything to stop, be delayed or even canceled, so we will have to be pending for new information and maybe a confirmation of this movie.

Other rumors indicate that it is possible that four more characters will be integrated into the cast, three adolescents and an adult could even be that the adult is played by Joel Stoffer, who participates in Agents of SHIELD, but so far there are no more details about his character .