Netflix could make a Legend of Zelda series, says Castlevania animator

Video games are a commodity that has been present in the entertainment industry for many decades, even making leaps to the small or big screen, some very successful, others not so much. Those loyal to The legend of zelda have long longed to produce a series with their favorite characters. David Howe, known for his work as an animator on Castlevania – 100% from Netflix, declares that a project about Link and Zelda’s adventures in Hyrule is really possible. Will we see it soon on the Netflix platform? Read on for all the details.

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The legend of zelda started in 1986 with the eponymous fantasy video game that a good number of gamers have tried. The success of that installment gave way to an ambitious franchise made up of more than fifteen installments, some much better than others. With such a triumph in the videogame industry, not a few have imagined a transcendent television series; Previously there was talk about a live-action project but it was finally canceled, however, in more recent months it has been commented on an animated production. David howe supports for Zelda Dungeon (via MovieWeb), who has faith in the future of The legend of zelda on the small screen.

I personally have a couple of copies of the Ocarina of Time manga, so it has already been adapted into a serialized manga format. […] If something works in a manga format, then it would work in an anime. And then there is also the construction of the world. Personally, I would rather watch a serialized format for Zelda rather than a movie.

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David howe is convinced that an anime series is the best way to adapt The legend of zelda, something that would be quite complicated with a feature film, or very expensive with a live-action: “I think a movie could work, but having time to really explore that, the breadth of the world, in a serialized format would work very well. It would also follow the structure of games that are, you know, based on temples or bosses. ” It also talks about the classification of the hypothetical production, not something for children, but not violent as a seinen either.

If my dream of an anime adaptation of Zelda was possible, it would definitely be for adults, I mean, it wouldn’t be a harsh R rating like Castlevania, I think it would be alienating to a lot of people. But I think you have to take it seriously and give the characters and the world the respect they deserve. I think it would be a lot easier to do these days than it was in the eighties.

Many have faith that Netflix will be in charge of developing the anime series of The legend of zelda and surely the company does not lack initiative. What would be the most convenient story to adapt? We have good alternatives like Ocarina of Time Y Majora’s Mask; the decisions that the future creative team must make are very important.

And speaking of Castlevania, tomorrow, May 13, the fourth season opens on the Netflix platform, something that video game fans are looking forward to. This is the final block of chapters and we will finally see Trevor, Sypha and Alucard teaming up after staying away last season. Although the series generated major disappointments with the second and third blocks of episodes, the early criticisms of what awaits us tomorrow point to a pretty good conclusion. Is it possible that the scriptwriters of the series redeem themselves after making mistakes such as transforming Dracula into a repentant being and murdering him prematurely? The new material will be available from 2 AM in central Mexico.

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