Netflix Confirms Premiere Of The Witcher 2 This Year!

Netflix Confirms Premiere Of The Witcher 2 This Year! | Instagram

Recently, the Netflix platform has announced the release date of the season 2 from The Witcher in 2021 with a first behind-the-scenes look at the new episodes, something that undoubtedly has many excited about.

It has been more than a year since we could see The witcher and at this point the most normal thing would be that Netflix had released its second season.

However, between the fact that it is a production that requires so much deployment and the delays caused by the health contingency, the news now is that the filming of its new episodes has finally been completed.

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That is why to celebrate, Netflix has released a first look at the second season with a behind-the-scenes video of this new batch of episodes of the series starring Henry Cavill.

Obviously, there is nothing especially revealing, however The Witcher lovers are sure to appreciate having something concrete to see already.

There is no doubt that it is striking that the news of the completion of filming comes just a few days after Netflix announced the complete cast of this second season, in which Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan will once again act as main protagonists, but Watch out for the arrival of performers like Kristofer Hivju, unforgettable as Tormund in ‘Game of Thrones’, Adjoa Andoh, Cassie Clare, Liz Carr or Simon Callow.

In addition, the other good news that this video brings is the confirmation that we will see this second season of The Witcher in 2021.

It is suspected that the platform will follow the same model as with the first batch of episodes of launching them in December, however, they can always give us a surprise and be earlier.

And it is that after the pandemic, the number of infections on the set and the injury of its protagonist Henry Cavill were the triggering actions so that there was no close date for the launch of this installment that has a large cast.

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However, despite all the vicissitudes, they managed to get ahead and it is already a fact that very soon we will see the famous sorcerer lead the most fearsome and unforgettable battles.

She pointed out that for this second season there were approximately 1,200 people of which 89 were actors.

He also revealed that it took 158 days to shoot this story in which there were simultaneous recordings outdoors and in studios and even in extreme weather conditions, as it should not continue to delay this plot any longer.

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Here the whole team gave everything for everything and the end result is described as incredible and the most ambitious of Netflix.

With “The blood of the elves” as the basis of this installment, a more linear sequence is expected that stars the sorcerer Geralt, who will be willing to get answers to all the questions that revolve around his life.

It will also show how it is part of his and Ciri’s training in Kaer Morhen, a place that will be the epicenter of many battles and reunions.

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And it is that this opportunity we will see a Ciri more prepared to face her opponents and all the creatures that will surprise with their powers, strength and abilities, as Geralt taught her.

The succession of isolated stories were left behind. Now we will see a more muscular, powerful and willing to do anything Henry Cavil.

There will also be new faces that will be able to captivate the audience with their histrionic quality and with their powerful storylines that have been carefully handled by the filmmakers in order to guarantee an authentic and well-managed story.

Kristofer Hivju, Adjoa Andoh, Cassie Clare, Liz Carr and Simon Callow are among the new characters that will be giving more quality, drama and adventures to The Witcher 2 that promises to end the doubts raised in the first installment and will contain more action and important moments that if you are a loyal fan you should not miss out on anything in the world.