Netflix is ​​the leading streaming video platform and its original content offering is the platform’s best guarantee.

Netflix has become a key streaming platform.

Digital content has become an important benchmark for new leisure habits on the market.

The work of community managers has led them to go from being simple administrators of the brand’s social networks, to protagonists of stories and content they generate to help their brands stay relevant.

As part of these efforts, brands have had to increasingly bet on developing communication tasks, which have turned social media marketing into a critical investment in their companies.

Various community managers have taken on the role of protagonists of their brands very well, as is the case of Netflix or the Police, where the publications they carry out become true creativity lessons to generate content in this medium.

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Netflix’s creative response

The Netflix CM has come up with a great idea to promote Netflix customer service, which is limited and lacking.

The creative post prompted the community manager to use Netflix’s terse answer to the question why there are incomplete series.

In the platform’s response, it assures the user that it is too complicated to show complete series because these contents are often restricted by emission rights, so that until a certain time has elapsed, these contents may finally be published.

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What community managers should not do

Community managers are key personnel in the communication of companies on social networks. Sprout Social revealed what it considered the best recommendations for them to do a good exercise on social networks.

The main recommendations were to use videos, answer questions and intervene in conversations.

The least recommended was laughing at consumers, commenting on political issues and using inappropriate language, and laughing at the competition was also not recommended.

Social networks as customer service

Customer service is a fundamental area in various companies that have found in this medium, the opportunity to build customer loyalty, increase the number of fans of their brand or fall into a spiral of criticism and bad recommendations that annihilate their operations.

An element that is worth highlighting of these tasks is the one that Microsoft discovered in a study that it applied internationally, to discover what percentage of the consumers surveyed had asked a customer service question through social networks and that it had been answered. 85 percent said they did get a response.

The protagonism of streaming

Streaming has become, in just a few years after its launch, a necessary platform for people to consume content without time or device restrictions.

The opportunity to view content freely increased the opportunity to see new proposals for original productions, which has undoubtedly triggered the interest that audiences have for new options in the industry that alternate to the domain that Netflix maintains, for what we now see is an HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Huli and other streaming platforms that have been launched onto the market with all kinds of anecdotes that describe their operation.