Netflix, Bird Box movie with Sandra Bullock could have a sequel | .

Although at the time the film was widely criticized « Bird Box » starring actress Sandra Bullock is already being planned a sequel which will launch Netflix again thanks to the success it had despite the comments.

It was the same author of the book who shared the news on their social networks, and this second part will apparently be titled with the name of the protagonist « Malorie ».

The literary sequel appears to be ready by the end of this month on July 21 so it seems that Netflix will immediately get to work on developing the movie.

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When was the premiere of Bird box Many memes immediately appeared criticizing the plot of the film, as the concept seemed somewhat exaggerated.

All this changed when we began to suffer the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, as they began to appear memes on Twitter where they said they already understood the film after people started leaving their homes knowing that they shouldn’t.

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«  » I cannot say much, but I can confirm that it is in development. Sometimes all this secret dynamic is strange, but I am in the game, « said Josh Malerman.

Although it is not known whether Sandra Bullock He will play the film again, many of his fans hope that, at the time, Malerman had not thought about the actress when he wrote the first book, however his performance as in all his films was phenomenal.

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Malorie is said to focus after 12 years passed With the children already adolescents, some of the possible changes that will be in the plot are the creatures that we could only appreciate certain images in the first film.

It is said that in Malorie they will be much more terrifying than they were in Bird box, suspense and terror will surely be accompanied in the new installment.

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Possibly the next July 21 when the book is on the shelves, users will line up to buy it and find out where the history of humanity ends in the history it created Josh Malerman.

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