Netflix announces that Freddy Krueger is coming to Stranger Things

Undoubtedly one of the most important franchises for Netflix is ​​Stranger Things, which has become one of the great successes of the streaming platform.

The peculiar series starring Eleven (Once) and her friends, has resulted in an engine of new subscribers and, therefore, income for Netflix.

Estimates provided by The Hollywood Reporter indicate that the audience for Stranger Things 3 in the first four days after its worldwide release reached 40.7 million accounts in the world, for those who saw some of the episodes of the third season in the first four days. Meanwhile, it is calculated that 18.2 million they watched the entire season in this same period.

With this in mind, from Concave Brand Tracking, they highlight that the visible product placement executions in the last installment of the series reached a value of more than 15 million dollars only during the first three days of the launch of said production, where the 10 most visible brands are Coca-Cola, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Casio, 7-Eleven, Sharp, Adidas, Pentax, Reebok and Burger King.

Although it could be thought that this significant amount was translated into profits for the minds and companies behind the story that tells of life in the Upside Down, the truth is that the presence of all these commercial firms did not report any type of income. The profit for the platform was in the number of users that the platform gained.

To a large extent, these numbers are the results of the aggressive marketing campaign that Netflix and the brands that have been involved in its seasons have implemented around the title, which has begun in the face of and pending the fourth installment of the series. It has already generate expectations.

Without yet giving a possible arrival date for the fourth season of Stranger Things, Netflix released a list of new celebrities who will join the saga, in which Robert Englund stands out, who became famous for playing Freddy Krueger.

Through a tweet, the platform assured that Englund will join the cast led by other actors such as Jamie Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco, Joseph Quinn, Sherman Augustus, Mason Dye, Nikola Djuricko and Tom Wlaschiha.

As expected, the announcement generated reactions on social networks where fans of the series gave their position on this new revelation.

In this way, the Stranger Things label was among the first conversation trends with a total of 16.7 thousand tweets, according to data provided by Twitter at the end of this note.

Faced with a story that is already known and that generates many expectations around its next installment, without a doubt an important asset will be choosing the right cast.

The actors and actresses who will give life to the new characters in the saga become an asset that Netflix must capitalize on to reverse a problem that afflicts it almost since its birth.

Recall that 80 percent of Netflix users do not consume the original content of the company, but prefer series and movies produced by television networks and film studios, according to an investigation signed by the consulting firm 7Park, thereby signing a super Star like Robert Englund might not sound so far-fetched to enhance the opportunities and gaps this figure reveals.