Netflix Announces Start Date Of Recordings For One Piece Live Action Series | Instagram

Finally the details of the long-awaited Netflix project are known a little, because we can see One piece sooner than you think since the recordings from the live action series will begin next August.

So far still who will be the actors is unknown They will be part of the cast of the series, but the premiere is expected to be for next year 2021, although nothing has yet been confirmed by the platform.

As you will remember, it was the month of January when Netflix announced that it would work on a new version of the anime series but now with real actors.

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However, because of the coronavirus all productions they had to see each other paralyzed until further notice as a form of prevention against any contagion.

But not everything is gray, because the start date of their recordings will be the next August 31, so the 10 chapters So far confirmed from the first season will finally be a fact.

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We already have 10 scripts written. We’ll start with the casting for the cast as soon as we get back into action. I suspect this will be on June 1. We have many names that we are considering, « Adelstein mentioned some time ago.

It is worth mentioning that the recordings, which will take place in Cape Town, will run until February 8, 2021, according to ComicBook.

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The development of the series will be in charge of Tomorrow Studios and will have as executive producer Eiichirō Oda, creator of this manga story that started its popularity in 1997 and which have been sold 430 million copies.

The person in charge of the project will be Steven maeda, who has supervised major productions such as The X-Files, CSI Miami, and Lost.

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One Piece is a global franchise that in 2020 is one of the great kings of entertainment, and even the impact of Eiichiro Oda’s manga is noticeable in anime, video games, cinema and now also soon in the concept of live-action.