Netflix announces ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ anime series

Netflix has a new anime series in its hands and it is one that is called upon to generate hype, at least among the fans of the popular Valve game, DOTA 2. In fact, the brief video preview that you can see on these lines has been Enough to lift the passions of many and the fears of many others, and that is because the bet of the streaming platform for oriental-style animation has paid off all kinds.

Dota: Dragon Blood is the adaptation of the real-time action strategy title and one of the most followed in the esports area, for the production of which Netflix and Valve have joined forces. Very little has been revealed in history, except that it will star Davion, a powerful Dragon Knight willing to exterminate the monsters that have invaded the world at any cost.

Ashley Edward Miller, known for having participated as a screenwriter and director in series and films such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringey X-Men: First Generation is the screenwriter and showrunner of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, whose animation has been in charge of the Korean studio Studio Mir, responsible for series such as The Legend of Korra, Voltron: The Legendary Defender or Kipo and the Age of Magical Beasts.

“Fans will love how we’ve envisioned the DOTA 2 universe and woven an epic, emotional, and adult-oriented story about some of their favorite characters,” explains Miller of Dota: Dragon’s Blood. “Film animation, acting, and music are simply the next level and I am grateful to Valve for supporting our creative ambitions.”

If what has been said is fulfilled or not, we will have to wait to find out and there is the Castlevania series as controversial (people liked it and others so much it seemed nonsense) example, but it will be a short wait: Dota: Dragon Blood, will be released the next March 25th… On Netflix, of course.