The Last Dance it is a resounding success. We have had to wait 22 years to see the documentary that narrates the adventures of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 97/98 season, but it was worth it.

Or at least that’s what audiences say, both inside and outside the United States. It must be remembered that the 10-episode documentary has been released two episodes per week and that in the United States it can be seen through ESPN and the rest of the world for Netflix. Well, the audience data of both platforms cannot be better.

In the United States, each chapter has had an average of 5.6 million viewers and a total of 13 million have seen a chapter. This is the most watched documentary in ESPN history. Logically, they are delighted with the figures.

“We are excited about the fan response to this series. The last five Sundays have been moments of fans gathered in their homes watching the documentary as if they were watching live sports,” said Connor Schell, the executive vice president of ESPN.

The Netflix data is also fantastic, and that is that to date 23.8 million viewers from outside the United States have seen the series. Playing with the number and number 23 of Michael Jordan have announced this success on their networks:

“23 was always his lucky number! 23.8 million viewers from outside the USA have watched The Last Dance on Netflix.”