Netflix and Ava DuVernay (‘Selma’) will develop a six-episode television series about the life of former NFL star Colin Kaepernick. In addition to being known as an American football player, Kaepernick became famous after risking his lucrative career to protest police brutality by one simple act: kneeling during the national anthem at an official league game in 2016.

History will show Kaepernick’s formative years in this series titled‘Colin in Black & White’. According to Ava DuVernay: « With his act of protest, Colin Kaepernick launched a national dialogue on race and justice with consequences for football, culture and himself. Colin’s story has a lot to say about identity, sport and enduring spirit of protest and resistance. I couldn’t be happier than telling this story with the Netflix team. « 

For his part, Kaepernick stated, « We seek to give a new perspective to the different realities that blacks face. We will explore the racial conflicts that I faced as a black man adopted into a white community during my high school years. It is an honor to give I brought this story to life in collaboration with Ava for the world to see. « 

DuVernay will have the collaboration of the writer Michael Starrbury (‘When They See Us’) to develop the script.