Netflix: 5 great secret productions that are there for you | INSTAGRAM

Many people can brag about knowing all the extensive content Netflix provides or keep up to date with all the updates. However, there are always surprises and content that has not been seen and that is why here we present 5 great productions that remain hidden, as not many users have found them.

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The most famous streaming platform worldwide is the main beneficiary of the health trust, since it practically covers the entire world of entertainment due to the health problem.

The first proposal within the platform that we have for you is “3%” an incredible Brazilian series, which is set in a futuristic society of paradisiacal islands full of rich people while the rest of the people live in remote areas, however some few manage to get out of them.

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Next on the list is “Black Sails”, an original Netflix series, which stars pirates who must make the decision to live according to the law or not. This series already has four seasons that you cannot miss.

The third option that we have for you in this section of “hidden treasures” of the platform, to enjoy in isolation is “Residue”: three pure science fiction chapters where eight people must survive the apocalypse.

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The next film installment to delight your pupils is “Manhunt: Unabomber”, ideal for lovers of the thriller genre and is within the group of original productions on the platform, whose story is based on real events, the plot revolves around the life of Theodore Kaczynski, one of the most wanted terrorists in the United States.

To finalize the secret list that Netflx has for you, it is. “So they see us”, who is also based on a heartbreaking true story about an unfair accusation against a group of teenagers.

Well, with this we finish mentioning the new recommendations that we have so that you can spend your time enjoying some popcorn and drinks while you please seeing some new content, we hope it is to your liking.