Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell: an efficient video door entry system

It allows you to see who is in front of your door and answer from anywhere. When someone rings the doorbell, you receive an alert on your smartphone and you can talk to visitors.

Neatmo presents the Smart Video Doorbell, designed to protect the entrance of the home. It alerts you if it detects a person loitering in front of the entrance and you will always know who shows up at your house, even when you are outside it. When someone rings the doorbell, you receive a video call on your smartphone and see the visitor. Then, you can whether or not you want to talk to him directly from your smartphone, whether you are at home or on the other side of the world.

Security outside the home, reinforced

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell protects your home from intrusion and makes you feel safe in the event of suspicious activity. Thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms, it distinguishes between a person and a nondescript movement. If someone is loitering around the entrance, the user receives a notification “Person detected” on their smartphone and a video of the event is recorded. With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can get the intruder out of the house.

Fully customizable smart notifications

The Smart Video Doorbell settings are fully customizable. The user can disable notifications and recordings according to their preferences. In case of person detection, the user defines whether the Smart Video Doorbell sends a notification and records a video, or not. Thus, you can choose to receive alerts and record videos only when someone knocks on the door.
Thanks to its Alert-Zones functionality, the user defines the specific zones of detection of people according to the configuration of his house: around the main entrance, the portal, the garage door, etc. Thus, the Smart Video Doorbell notifies you only about the events that occur in these spaces.

No subscription fee and 100% protected data

All Smart Video Doorbell features are accessible for free, including video storage. The history of calls received by the Doorbell and the videos are stored locally on an internal MicroSD card. This MicroSD card is encrypted to ensure a superior level of protection for your content. To protect the transmission of data to the user’s smartphone, the Smart Video Doorbell uses end-to-end encrypted connections.

Easy installation to replace your existing wired doorbell

User can self-install Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell. Keep your existing wired chime and simply replace the bell button with this device, which is compatible with most electrical installations, whether 8-24 volt or 230 volt.

Exceptional image quality for protection day and night

The Smart Video Doorbell has a 1080p Full HD camera with a 140-degree wide-angle lens, offering optimal video quality.
The HDR function of the camera attenuates sudden changes in lighting and allows the user to see clearly what is happening in front of the house, whatever the lighting conditions. Thanks to this, the face of the visitors is clear even with backlighting.
The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell ensures home protection day and night with infrared night vision. Therefore, the user always sees the visitor at his door, even in total darkness.

Apple HomeKit compatibility

Thanks to this compatibility, the user can create personalized scenarios to connect their Doorbell with other smart appliances in the house according to different combinations. For example, the exterior lights of the house can automatically turn on when the Smart Video Doorbell detects a person to scare away a potential burglar.
With HomeKit, the user accesses the images recorded live by their Smart Video Doorbell with their voice. He asks Siri to show him his ticket to find out what’s going on at home (“Hey Siri, show me the ticket”).

An elegant design that resists the elements

With its compact and elegant design, this Netatmo is easily integrated into the entrance of any home. Protected by HZO technology, an innovative nano film and IP44 certified, the Doorbell is completely waterproof and perfectly resistant to any weather conditions (rain, snow, humidity) and also to dust and impurities.