Nery-Figueroa, impressive war with new world champion

Nery vs. Figueroa

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020

The Californian town of Carson witnessed one of the most spectacular fights seen lately for the fan, a few hours after seeing Yafai and Cunningham another fight that one should not miss. PBC was the promoter of a great fight that we could not see in Spain in any lawful way.

Luis Nery (31-1, 24 KO) as WBC super bantamweight world champion and Brandon figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KOs), in their minor role as the WBA “Regular” champion, played a match that could have been held in an elevator. They didn’t apply the famous social distancing in the last year, not at all.
We already explained the high KO statistics on the part of both, because they went out to stick with everything. It was feared that the Pantera was not strong, since we saw him much more squeezed than Figueroa in the previous weigh-in, but it was not like that. Like Roman gladiators, it seemed that they had between eyebrows to win as soon as possible, giving the combat a tragic sense typical of Mexican fighters. Large door or chapel.

As we said, a fight could take place in an elevator that had exactly the same rounds: front to front, I crocheted after crocheted and, from time to time, I step back to try to get the uppercut. They surely missed the boxing lesson in their gym regarding the jab, and that is that no straight punches were seen to mark distance with the opponent. Dancing pegados is dancing, and sometimes the dance became a slow one of those that our parents used to tell us in the guateques; the referee had to intervene quite often due to the grabs, a consequence of the null distance between the bodies.

To all this, the athletes were getting tired by the dent that made in their physique repeatedly throwing blows like the famous bunny that announced batteries, and also by the punishment that was accumulating. It seemed that Figueroa’s blows were a little more forceful, but, to be honest, we would not have liked to be in the place of the judges to score a case like that.

It was miraculous to reach the sixth round without any spectacular cut due to the constant contact between the heads and without a blow to the back of the neck that was hardest, since there were a few of them coming out of the skin of Nery and Figueroa. In any case, if there were any, they didn’t even notice it, they were still there in a constant all or nothing, stark, sporting life or death. In this round, the sixth, there was a certain change in trend, giving himself some space and, especially Nery, avoiding so much swap of slap for slap, or one for two, or seven received by two conceded. He looked for a little more to pull his legs, with Figueroa trying to shorten the ring internally.

The second part of the fight, his theoretical final half, didn’t last long. Nery returned to the initial tactic, or perhaps he had never deviated from it, and, as in the first round, the center of the ring experienced a crossing of clubs, of authentic clubs, very hard. There could only be one left, and it was. Nery, who already had the effects of twenty minutes of blows on his face in the form of eye inflammation, fell with a crash. It wasn’t because of the thirty hits to the face of the assault, no; It was because Figueroa lowered the trajectory of the last blow, hitting the chest of a champion, already a former champion, that the fight was played for heads or tails, who cannot be blamed for anything regarding courage, but that perhaps he should consider a raise of category or examine whether the tactic used was the best for your interests.

Brandon Figueroa, the brilliant new WBC super bantamweight monarch, will unify his title with Stephen Fulton, the WBO world weight champion, on September 11.

The compate de semifondo, also in the super bantamweight already ten rounds, faced Danny Roman (29-3-1, 10 KO) and Ricardo Espinoza placeholder image (25-4, 21 KO). Roman prevailed with his most category boxing against a willful rival, who tried to get more workload and, therefore, was able to take the first two rounds. As soon as the former world champion took the pulse of the fight, he convinced the judges and proved to be a couple of steps above Espinoza. Danny Roman won by scores of 98-92, 98-92 and 97-93. Likewise, he made it clear that he is an official WBC candidate for the belt of the new champion Figueroa, and will try to respect his turn and not celebrate the unification of belts outlined.

Also, the promising super feather Xavier Martinez (17-0, 11 KO) and the slight Jose Valenzuela (8-0, 5 KO) settled their commitments in the initial part of the gala, where Gabriela Fundora (1-0, 0 KO), Sebastián’s sister, made her professional debut, winning by unanimous decision in a good performance where she even knocked down your rival.

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