nerfs to Udyr, Rell and Seraphine (first details)

There are League of Legends champions who sneak into the meta not because they are really broken or have a lot of power because Riot Games has gotten out of hand, but because professional players use it and put it squarely in the games.

It was the case of Udyr, who with the new season 11 of the game, sneaked into the meta and began to be viable, either because of the new objects, through the jungle path or because the professionals saw in him a vein of character .

Riot Games, specifically Mark Yetter, has announced the first changes of LoL patch 11.5, and it will be precisely Udyr one of the affected and nerfed characters, as well as Seraphine or Rell, two champions very seen in this meta.

LoL 11.5 patch notes [Actualizado 23/02/2021 – 09:00]

Buffs to objects

Black Blade
Malmortius Maw
Snake Fang

Snap to objects

Nerf to champions

Seraphine (bot carry)
Shaco Support
Senna (interaction with the Guinsoo)

The changes, as seen, are mixed between the highest competitive LoL as the most casual game, since the adjustments to Rammus or Shaco are geared towards more soloQ games, and the other adjustments more competitive.

Buff to champions

Master Yi

It will be important to see how the buffs affect champions like Trundle, Yi or Sejuani, since with the changes in the jungle it could be that we see a lot more of these champions and they will sneak into the meta again.

Fit to champions

Twitch AD vs AP settings


As always, throughout the week we will update the patch notes as we learn more details about it, although we always recommend you enter from time to time to Rendirse a 20 for PBE updates.