Nerea Barros is a well-known Spanish actress who won the Goya for Best New Actress for her exalted role in the movie ‘Isla Minima’. Since the interpreter began her career in the world of the seventh art, she combined it with her nursing studies and later working on it at the Hospital Clinico de Santiago de Compostela. After getting the highest possible prize in Spanish cinema, the actress has continued to work alongside the cameras in series such as The Prince, Apaches or Christmas Days.

Now, the interpreter has parked her facet as an actress for a while to put on her nursing gown again and help in any way possible to combat the pandemic by coronavirus in a nursing home. Many of her colleagues were unaware that Nerea was an actress and discovered it the day she shared on her social networks a photograph dressed in medical equipment.

Also, through social networks Nerea explained the reasons why she had decided to leave everything to return to practice as a nurse: “It hurt me a lot to see how the people to whom we owe everything, from whom we learned everything, to whom memory belongs, suffered. Those who have cared for us as children, those who have raised this country, have suffered a postwar period, the wise, “he began by explaining.

After this, the young woman has continued and told the following about her experience at the residence: “For a month I have been one more nurse, surrounded by companions who are the true heroes of this moment and above all, of them, the elders who teach me so much and who continue to fight. Today I can say that they are overcoming it, the magnificent ones are continuing and the damn COVID will not be able to cope with them! “, He explained on the networks. In this way, the interpreter wanted to send his particular message of hope.