Neptune Retrograde Is Uncovering Secrets

Mercury Retrograde is over, but on June 25, Neptune Retrograde begins, and it will continue through December 1. This Neptune Retrograde in Pisces is going to take us all the way back to February 2021, so think back to what you were doing back then —Something may pop back up in your life.

This retrograde could bring about a period where secrets are revealed and illusions are disrupted. What you learn now will have you questioning what you believed before, and it’s for the best. If you were only looking through rose-colored glasses, this period could bring some startling truths to light. Whatever you learn now creates opportunities for a new dream to be created when Neptune goes back in motion later this year.

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You’re going back through your dreams and your past and shattering illusions. Welcome to your healing.


You started this year with a vision and that’s great. Now that you’ve seen the dream in motion, it’s time for you to go back and re-create it with more clarity.


There’s been a major shift in your status, but have you really been present for it? Recognize yourself within your true form: Greatness.


Your dreams have been imagined and they fostered liberation for you. Now, how can you help teach others and learn more about yourself in the process?


Your resources may need closer examination right now. Everything that glitters isn’t gold, but who says you can’t make it gold?


The truth about the others in your life can be fully seen now. You reflect the people you are around, so if you are noticing you’re experiencing more interpersonal loss than gain, go inward.


Pay extra attention to your daily routine. You get the most out of the day when you decide to approach it in an orderly fashion.


This year, you were bitten by the bug of creativity. Your passion projects can get back off the ground if you recognize where to place your energy.

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Your home and dream life has been lit up. It’s time to review your dream journal for messages in the astral you may have missed. Also, it may be time to redecorate again.


There’s an opportunity for clarity, so come to your senses now. It’s a wonderful time to clear up miscommunications with others.


It could be time to clean up your budget. Instead of spending all your cash on short-term impulses, think of the long-term financial goals you want to manifest.


Neptune going backward means your worldview and identity are up for review. If you’ve been feeling a little off, here’s your chance to re-center yourself.

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