Nephew of “Cantinflas”, Eduardo Moreno loses his life

Nephew of

Nephew of “Cantinflas”, Eduardo Moreno loses his life | Instagram

An unfortunate news transpired last Saturday, February 20, after the departure of Mr. Eduardo Moreno Laparade placeholder image, nephew of the unforgettable actor “Cantinflas”, apparently after being a victim of Covid-19.

As it transpired, the nephew of “Cantinflas“He remained hospitalized for a month until complications from the virus led to an inevitable outcome, unfortunately, the departure of Eduardo Moreno Laparade joins the list of family members of the remembered comedian who lost their lives.

Without a doubt, one of the “humorists“The most prominent in and outside of Mexico, was Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, known in the middle as Mario Moreno or mainly by his nickname, was during his lifetime uncle of the late Eduardo Moreno Laparade.

According to reports, Moreno Laparade was 81 years old and since he entered the hospital after having tested positive for this condition, his condition worsened more and more, until his recent death.

Eduardo Moreno, nephew of the acclaimed filmmaker, served as the president of the Board of Trustees of the Casa del Actor IAP The news was confirmed by Mario Moreno del Moral and his sister Valentina, grandchildren of “Cantinflas” themselves who gave an emotional farewell to his “protector”.

Don Eduardo was a great support in our lives, a father figure “, they expressed on social networks.

Grandson of “Cantinflas” shared on his Instagram account an image confirming death of his uncle, nephew of the remembered actor. Instagram

In life Eduardo Moreno gave them support when his biological father Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova (1960-2017) neglected them in education and maintenance, they say.

Before the news of his death, other figures of the medium reacted, among them, the actor, stage director and producer, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, who spread the news giving a few words so that he was an endearing collaborator.

It is with deep regret that I receive the news of the death of Don Eduardo Moreno Laparade, supportive, kind, loving and irreplaceable friend. There are no words that describe the immense void left by his departure, published Jorge Ortiz, who serves as the current vice president of La Casa del Actor.

Sadness invaded the heart of the television collaborator, “Ortiz de Pinedo” when he fired one more of his colleagues, the president of the foundation for life, who sadly could not overcome the contagion of the dreaded condition, which has also struck mercilessly show business.

Just a few months ago, the renowned television actor would have been dismayed at the departure of the actress Lupe Vázquez, both coincided together on various occasions in the world of acting, particularly in the series “Doctor Cándido Pérez” where the histrionic gave life to the nurse “Paula” in the remembered comedy show.

Who was Eduardo Moreno Laparade?

Apparently, while Eduardo Moreno was alive, he was a generous being who gave great help to the actor’s house, this through his Eduardo Moreno Laparade foundation.

In this way, he would also support several people dedicated to literature to publish their books and present them at a dinner that he held every year and where he invited members of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) guild.

Few even know that Eduardo Moreno and Mario Arturo Ivanova faced each other in a trial, the nephew of the one who was the most important comedian in Latin America managed to obtain the ruling of the judge for the rights of 39 films that his uncle inherited him, a legal battle that lasted 21 years, until the Supreme Court of Mexico declared him heir.

Currently Don Eduardo Moreno Laparade is survived by his relatives, wife and children, the news today becomes a tragedy for both them and their close friends as well as the 39 guests of La Casa del Actor.