Neon beauty, Kylie Jenner shows off her charms for Adidas

Neon beauty, Kylie Jenner shows off her charms for Adidas (INSTAGRAM)

Neon beauty, Kylie Jenner shows off her charms for Adidas | INSTAGRAM

It is not a secret that Kylie Jenner is one of the American celebrities most followed by Internet users, such is her fame that even the largest and most renowned companies look to her to promote their products and thus achieve a greater reach to generate those expected income.

Also, it is important to mention that social networks They have given people the platform to share their creativity and be a part of something bigger, it’s a new way to connect and express yourself.

Such is the case of Adidas, who requested the help of the model to be able to reach many more people around the world and sell some of her famous tennis models, so they found it necessary to make her an ambassador for their sports clothing and accessories brand.

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Action that, immediately, the youngest of the Jenners shared with each and every one of her followers from her official profile on Instagram, with several publications in a row, was that Kylie dedicated herself to lending her face and name to contribute to the sales of one of the brand’s collections, even more liked by different celebrities.

Although, this collaboration has been shown as one of the favorites, both by the hundreds of millions of followers of the beautiful businesswoman, as well as by those who have followed the fashion trends that Adidas has for the public, forever, and all because of of a cute detail.

In each of the posts shared under the brand ambassador caption, Kylie dedicated herself to doing what she does best, posing to proudly display her impressive, curvy figure, whether in full sports outfits, tops, or matching pairs. tennis shoes, with incredible and comfortable designs.


But, there is one of the publications, which has had a greater reach than all the others, and this for obvious reasons.

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It turns out that Kylie Jenner decided to pose, sitting on the edge of a cot, located around the pool of her impressive mansion, in order to show off her “ozweego” style tennis shoes in a peculiar shade, neon green that went very well with her outfit, which we believe has been the favorite of the entire collection.

And the thing is, Stormi’s beautiful mother wore her tennis shoes in combination with a small two-piece swimsuit, which was also neon green, a tone, with which Kylie was able to show off her spectacular tanned skin in the best way, in addition to , revealed a large part of her prominent curves, because thanks to the size of the outfit, she barely covered what was necessary.

Posing in profile, with his face illuminated by the sun, placing his long hair on his side, exposing a lot of skin, was the way to make his loyal followers fall in love, while he did not stop promoting the incredible neon tennis shoes.

Because of this, the promotion reached millions of people, because only in this publication, the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan managed to collect 7, 955, 046 million red hearts, emblematic within the application.

As well as thousands of comments that completely leave out the tennis of the socialite, and are dedicated to flattering the impressive figure and great beauty of Kylie.

Likewise, later Jenner conducted an interview for the German brand, where she was very pleased and happy to have collaborated with Adidas, stating that she has always liked all the products that the company offers and it has been really exciting to be part of the family Adidas.