Nelson Cruz hit a huge Grand Slam against the Detroit Tigers (VIDEO)

The Dominican of the Twins from Minnesota, Nelson cruz, hit him huge Grand slam to the Detroit Tigers, being his first home run of the 2021 season from Big leagues (MLB).

At the top of the second inning and after reviewing a foul that could have been a home run, Nelson Cruz put the Twins against the Tigers connecting a superb Grand slam against his compatriot José Ureña, who served to reach 418 home runs for life in the Big leagues.

Here the Grand Slam:

After three games, Nelson Cruz connects and in what way his first home run of the 2021 season of MLB, being a superb Grand slam to give victory momentarily to their Twins in the first game of the series against the Bengalis.

cross He took it out through the same sector that had connected the hit that the judges had gone to review that finally ended in foul, but the Dominican did not keep that one and took it out with four companions on board to get the Grand slam on the MLB and reach five races in the current harvest.

The dominican Nelson Cruz with 40 years and in his campaign # 17 in MLB, keep hitting like a rookie, showing his power with that Grand slam against the Detroit Tigers. Plus, that hit hit 377 feet and sped out of the park at a speed of 114.6 miles per hour, a barbaric “Boomstick” force.

Fact: That batozo, was the Grand slam number # 10 of Nelson Cruz in his career in the MLB.