Nella: New Album! – Music News

Nella recently released her new material composed of a number of wonderful lyrics and melodies that you are simply going to love! We tell you all the details here in Music News!

Nella Nella, a beautiful work of art not only for her perfect image and sweet voice but also for the wonderful lyrics that she has given us during this time, and the reality is that this artist and singer is truly very talented. Nella, only 32 years old, born in Venezuela, has made us part of her great successes and today we are happy to present her new album! Are you ready?

Nella has already released material such as, “Voy”, “Tyron”, “Fdv”, “Revolution” all these have been her albums throughout her career, however today we present her new album consisting of magnificent songs that you are really going to love them.

Nella’s new album is titled, “Twelve Margaritas” a material that you are really going to love! This album, “Doce Margaritas” is made up of 11 songs.

“I would like to forgive (cover)”





“They are from dreams”

“Volaré” (…) among other songs.

In the following link you can enjoy the 11 songs that make up this talented album.

The reality is that their lyrics are so deep, it should be noted that some of their songs are cover, however, it is a way of showing their essence and authenticity by interpreting a song by other well-known artists.

Tell us which song you like the most, if you are in love or eating ice cream every day, we assure you that within these 11 songs you will find one that suits your situation, so you just have to listen to it all day and cry, or why not, dedicate it to the one you love the most!

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