When we talk about the best players in Boston Celtics history two players stand out above the rest: Bill russell, the lord of the rings, and Larry bird, the man who along with Magic Johnson revitalized basketball in the eighties. Today at Blogdebasket we add a name that always appears behind in the shortlist, that of John Haviclek, and we give you five reasons why it could be the GOAT of the most successful franchise in NBA history:

1. He is the highest scorer in the history of Boston Celtics

John Havlicek ended his NBA career averaging 20.8 points per game with several seasons over 24 per game (best was 69/70 with 28.9). He retired in 1978 with 26,395 points, a figure that neither Larry Bird (21,791) nor Paul Pierce (24,021) could exceed. Bill Russell (14,522) is far away.

2. It is the one that has played the most games dressed in green

No one has managed to beat him in matches played with the green shirt either. He played a total of 16 seasons between 1962 and 1978 and played a total of 1270 games. Behind them are mythical men such as Robert Parish (1106), Paul Pierce (1102), Kevin McHale (971), Bill Russell (963) or Bob Cousy (917).

3. He managed to lead the team to win again after the withdrawal of Bill Russell

The Celtics of the late sixties and early sixties were an unstoppable team with players like Bill Russell, Sam Jones, Tom Henisohn, KC Jones, Frank Ramsey or Bob Cousy. After Russell’s retirement in ’69, the greenmen didn’t play a few playoffs, but led by Havlicek they became winners again and won the 1974 and 1976 championships.

4. Won 5 more rings than Larry Bird

John Havlicek is the third player (along with Heinsohn, KC Jones and Sanders) with the most NBA rings (up to 8), behind only Russell (11) and Jones (10). Far, far away, are the 3 of Larry Bird in the eighties.