Neither goodbye he said! Penelope Menchaca’s program is removed from the air

Neither goodbye said !, Penelope Menchaca’s program is removed from the air | Instagram

TV Azteca in trouble? The television station untimely removed from its programming the program hosted by Penelope Menchaca, “La Pareja Ideal”, this without any explanation for viewers and followers of the program.

According to rumors, the show Penelope Menchaca It would go off the air for two situations, the first and most important, the audience, because at five weeks it had not had the expected success and the television station was being overtaken by the competition at that time.

Another factor that they assure was decisive for this to happen and it finally left the air The ideal couple They say they are problems with the program’s producer, since there are allegations of mistreatment towards the team.

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Without prior notice, viewers learned from TV Azteca’s social media accounts that they would no longer find the beloved Penélope Menchaca, who became famous thanks to the 12 hearts program.

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The announcement indicated that the most famous show program on the television, Ventaneando, would extend its schedule, occupying the air time of what was La Pareja Ideal, they did not give any explanation for the changes.

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For their part, many assure that Penelope is not at her best, since this would be the third project on TV Azteca in which she leads and they end up removing it from the programming, one of them even only lasted a few days on the air.

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