Neil Patrick Harris reveals filming ‘Matrix 4’ wasn’t like a blockbuster

Photo: Neil Patrick Harris reveals that filming of ‘Matrix 4’ was not like a blockbuster / Via Warner Bros.

The first time in the franchise ‘The Matrix’, Neil Patrick Harris he said surprised during the filming of the fourth installment of the saga, revealing that he did not feel that he was recording a great blockbuster.

During the 2019 it became known that Patrick Harris He would have a role in the fourth installment of the franchise, although exactly who he will play was not revealed. What has been known is that Keanu reeves will return to his role as Neo, Carrie-Ann Moss What Trinity Y Jada Pinkett-Smith What Niobe.

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Other actors to join the franchise include Priyanka chopra, Jessica henwick, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Y Jonathan Groff, who will also have until now secret papers.

In a new interview, Patrick Harris He talked about his experience on the set of the tape, « It didn’t feel great … it was like shooting instantly, shooting in natural light, sometimes you would sit for an hour waiting for the sky to clear and then we would shoot quickly. »

“We shot many pages instantly in 30 minutes and with that we were done. You would think that a giant movie would be 100% planned with storyboards, animations and that we would check the shots ”.

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« I think she (Lana Wachowski) He lived through that three times and now he would know what he wants and how he wants it. Usually you didn’t feel like you were doing something gigantic because she made it feel so intimate.  » Harris.

The fourth installment of ‘Matrix’ its premiere is scheduled for the next December 22th for now, although the date could change due to the effects of the pandemic by the coronavirus.