Negro Casas goes for the Titan championship


The living legend Black Houses goes this Sunday for the World Welter Championship version CMLL, which currently holds “The Immortal” Titan. After the fighter of a little more than four decades of experience prevailed against the masked man last Sunday, he did not hesitate to challenge him and this fight will be seen by the fans this Sunday at the Arena MĂ©xico.

Both 4.40 and Titan have been offered in all their meetings, so this Sunday, taking advantage of the fact that more fans can attend the Fight Cathedral, the motivation will be twofold. Meanwhile, the fighter from Guadalajara considers that this fight will be a great learning experience, as it will be an honor that a legend like Negro Casas has noticed him.

For the coach there are no nerves, because after the closed-door games missing the fans, this Sunday he will enjoy the presence of the respectable, having the commitment to give his best and surprise them.

Although Negro Casas has faced many legends throughout his career, it is well known that he recognizes the new generations because he learns from them and they make him raise his breed. Although he considers Titan to be on the path of ascent, he is a resourceful fighter.

It is an honor to have Negro Casas as a challenger and in this fight for the championship we must not neglect ourselves because in the blink of an eye, Negro can defeat me and I know that he is aware of all my movements and my career, he is a difficult opponent and at any moment he could surprise me because it is a rival of care, “he said.


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