negative consequences at work

You are not seeing all the problems or all the situations that you should face.

Overconfidence is just as bad as overconfidence.

Some people are extremely positive about hiding internal problems.

It’s hard work being positive in the year the COVID-19 pandemic started. However, being pessimistic or feeling bad may not be the worst. What’s more, being too positive can have negative consequences for your life or your work. How? Yes, you read that right. Some call him “Toxic positivity”, such a high degree of positive emotions that it translates into the opposite. The psychological aspects that make up the human personality can be very complex and the reasons why someone can be an extreme optimist can be many. On some occasions, it may be a mask, a disguise that they put on in order not to face their internal problems. Or, it may be a reflex action to defend against hostility from the outside world.

Wherever it comes from, toxic positivity can become a serious problem in the workplace. Sure you know that partner who smiles all the time and is very happy no matter what happens. The problem is when your joy is not about something contagious that gives you peace, but, on the contrary, it is about an uncomfortable situation, which does not make you feel good. And the situation can even become dangerous for the productivity of a company. Just as it is not good to have someone very negative, who does not want to do anything or feel motivated, the opposite extreme is not good either. Human beings need the full range of emotions to function properly. Anger, fear and sadness are inside us for a reason and they also serve a purpose.

Bad preparation

Overconfidence is just as bad as overconfidence. Dedicating yourself to a job implies a certain effort And if you are convinced that everything will be fine, that you don’t need to stress about it, it may be that you don’t prepare enough and the result is not good.

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Risk blindness

The Overconfidence It can also cause you to not see well the risks of your actions. There are delicate tasks that you should treat with due caution. If you go in too lightly and casually, you may not measure the consequences of failure.

Unexpected consequences

There is a belief that keeping the mind positive brings positive consequences. So you focus your whole being on it, to find a satisfactory resolution. But disappointment may be just around the corner and we must be prepared to face it. Otherwise, we will end up destroying our motivation over time.

Internal pressure

Above we said how some people are extremely positive to hide internal problems. If this happens, it can be very dangerous, since in the long run the body will not be able to contain itself and will explode. This can even manifest itself in physical discomfort.

Denial of obstacles

Seeing everything positive is seeing partial life. You are not seeing all the problems or all the situations that you should face. This gives you a incomplete picture of the problems that can arise in a job, which should not only be seen from one side.