One of the best things about having your birthday – in addition to looking like you don’t meet them, and no, I don’t have a grandmother – is that more and more issues are sweating you and you understand that you don’t need to be or seem like what you are not or not you fancy. It does not hurt me to declare and acknowledge for sure, which mainly make me hard those bands that plug in their amps, turn them to ten and then unleash the hell based on rock and roll of dirty and wild riffs. That is why when a story that slides through electronic elements falls into my hands, the first thing I do is raise my eyebrow and instinctively show my fangs slightly. I can’t help it and as I said at the beginning, less and less. But – there must always be a fucking but – when the album in question is capable of transmitting feelings to me, I forget what I said and give it its share of adoration, at times on the speakers and other moments in the bars. This is the case of the Valencian duo Néfele. The time his previous “Cristal” reached my hands and I read the info that the band itself gave me, I thought, let’s see where I’m getting into. Once immersed in its waters I was transformed for the cause and discovering that the progressive movements and atmospheres proposed by Néfele catch you and are capable of covering you with the overwhelming talent that these Valencian musicians demonstrate.

Well, Néfele back to work, leave on the table this ep of four songs entitled “Cristal Revisited” and in which we find ourselves, two remixes of two songs from “Cristal” – obviously, if not the title is not it would make sense – and two versions recreating for the moment and instant. And when I see who Andoni Ros and Salva Fernando have decided to propose, my eyebrow goes up. I can’t help it. I am like my cats when they see the free sofa, they run to sleep like marmots. Well, instinct leads me to distrust because I recognize that neither NIN nor Enrique Bunbury have ever been saints of my devotion. And that to the Aragonese I recognize the album “Flamingo” as a fucking wonder of music recorded in this country and to Trent Reznor the daring and bravery, but I never fully connected with his proposal. With both of them. So I pay attention to this “The hands that feeds” that opens the ep and the one that Néfele gives off from that danceable rhythm that marks the drums in the original and that did not quite convince me to add a more powerful sound and at the same time melodic thanks to the voice lines that end up adhering to the cause. The next to pass is “Alfa” by Enrique Bunbury, a vocalist who, due to his peculiar voice, is very difficult to pay tribute through a version since his songs are very marked by his way of singing, but Néfele comes out of the trance gracefully since they manage to make the atmosphere of the song their own, put in a precise guitar riff and adopt the melody of the voice very well.

It’s time for the remixes. “Oceano de cristal (with Rainy Eyes Remix)”, which in its original conception stood as a dream trip whipped by a guitar that appeared and disappeared, now adopts ethnic overtones and a constant rhythm. For its part, “The void (Revendless remix)” that acted in “Cristal” as an interlude that led to “The truth” now assumes its own role, vindicating itself thanks to those electronic rhythms and its science fiction movie air. After listening to this “Cristal Revisited” by Nefele, my eyebrow rests calmly parallel to its companion and my fangs have been replaced by a frank smile of satisfaction. These guys continue to maintain my admiration and desire to know what they are going to offer us in the near future.