Necessary, that in Mexico there is competition in energy: CCE

After the recent cuts in the electricity supply that affect the country, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) affirmed that it is necessary for the federal government to allow free competition in energy matters to ensure the supply of energy in Mexico.

Given this, the CCE, led by Carlos Salazar Lomelín, called on the government to work together and strengthen the infrastructure transmission and distribution network, as well as fuel and gas storage, as essential measures to improve the country’s energy security.

« The recent electrical emergency highlights the urgent need to improve the infrastructure of transmission, and to concentrate the limited resources of the CFE in the activities in which it is profitable, and in which it has exclusivity by law and by vocation of service to Mexicans, which are transmission and distribution, « he said.

In a statement, he stated that these divisions are the most profitable of the CFE and the ones that can make it financially stronger. In the rest, resources can be made more efficient through collaboration with the private sector. «In a complementary way, it is essential to allow competition in the country in power generation, to ensure supply and low rates for users ”.

Highlighted that Mexico does not have natural gas storage capacity, fuel with which 60 percent of the country’s electrical energy is generated, most of which comes from the United States.

The CCE recalled that there are at least 20 gas infrastructure projects that represent investments of 300 million pesos and 50 thousand direct and indirect jobs, and that are pending approval.