Necaxa: Ernesto Zedilla stopped Alex Aguinaga’s signing to Club América

In the 90s, the Rayos del Necaxa lived their best moments in the Liga MX. The team led by Alex Aguinaga placeholder image it was the team to beat, even the president Ernesto Zedillo He confessed his love for the box he was playing at that time in Mexico City.

The Ecuadorian player was one of the most sought-after in Mexican and international soccer; However, in an interview for Milenio, the now Fox Sports analyst said that he was close to going to America, but President Zedillo stopped his departure.

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“We were champions in ’98, we went to visit Los Pinos and there the president said: ‘Alex Aguinaga is not moving there.”

Aguinaga is considered the best player in the history of Necaxa and one of the best foreigners who has reached Mexican soccer. In those years, both América and Necaxa and Atlante had Alejandro Burillo as president, so the transfers between the three were not so complicated.

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“When that option was given, there in Los Pinos President Ernesto Zedillo spoke with Alejandro Burillo, who was the president of the three teams: América, Necaxa and Atlante, and told him that he could move whatever he wanted, but that Alex Aguinaga should I was staying in Necaxa. It was when they told Güero: ‘It’s a presidential order, so it stays that way.’

> In his own voice he commented that he got off the plane thinking he was a player for America.
For some reason those from Coapa did not hire him and gave him to Necaxa. The rest is history.

A great among the greats.

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